What Ancient Greeks Knew About Insulation That You Still Don’t

insulation-sydneyWinter is around and you will be enjoying that comfortable, well insulated room again. Have you ever given a thought as to how insulators and the process of insulation came into the picture and how they were developed from a simple idea? The history of insulation goes back to the medieval times and around the time when the Ancient Greeks existed. Though there was no R-value at that time, still people kept themselves warm during winter and cool during the scorching summer days. So, wondering what exactly they knew and used to do which you are still unaware of? Let’s find out right here:

1. The mud and straw plaster

The Ancient Greeks knew about the insulating property of mud and straw plaster which many modern people don’t know. The insulating plaster was the basic coverage that Greeks used for their homes to keep it protected from the hot and cold weather conditions during the ancient times. Their walls were stuffed with an insulating plaster made from just plaster and mud. This would keep them warm from all the cold outside. People did not have highly developed homes during that time and mud and straw were the only options they had.

2. The Double wall insulation

People of Ancient Greek period were well aware of the insulating property of the air pockets that gets created between double walls which you still don’t know. Double walls have the ability to keep the residents warm and comfortable and this is why this technique was used extensively by them. Walls of the houses were built in this way so that the inhabitants can live comfortably inside. During summers the walls prevented hot air to pass through and during winter people could stay warm because the walls would keep the cold air out.

3. Cavity walling technique

Cavity walling is one of the highly effective insulation techniques that the Ancient Greeks knew about but you still don’t. They used to insulate their houses through cavity walling where they created a gap between the walls that helped to trap the air coming from outside. This would in turn moderate the temperature of the house. So, during summers, the cavity walls would be useful in keeping the hot air away and in winter, the rooms would be warm.

4. The Asbestos insulation

Ancient Greek people were not only aware of the amazing insulating properties of asbestos but they were the first who used this material in order to insulate their houses. They knew about the flame-resistant property of asbestos which many people still don’t know. They made extensive use of the asbestos material for insulating their homes though asbestos was later on found to cause lung diseases and other insulating alternatives were sought after.
These are some of the amazing things about insulation that Ancient Greeks knew about and many of you still don’t know. They have significant contributions in the field of insulation and the modern day insulation has evolved from many of the insulation concepts of the Ancient Greeks.

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