The Worst Advice We’ve Ever Heard about Wall Insulation

insulation-melbourne-sydney-installerGetting your house insulated is a wise decision. It not only will help you during summers but during winters as well by regulating the temperature of the building. Also insulation helps to save energy to a great extent thus reducing the energy bills. However, before the installation is done, you will often find your friends and relatives giving various advises about insulation and how it can be good or bad for your house. Here are some of the most weird and worst advises about wall insulation that we will ever hear. Check these out in detail:

1. DIY installation for wall insulators is easy

Absolutely not! It is quite complicated and you need to have proper tools to install. Most importantly, if anything goes wrong, you can end up having lung irritation or rashes in your skin. So, professional assistance is a must in this case.

2. Vents near insulators will ruin the insulation

This is completely absurd. Experts and professionals are of the opinion that insulators work perfectly even when they are near the vents. There is no relation or connection between the vents, insulators and the overall insulation of the room or house.

3. Always turn the humidifier off

You may not want to keep your house closed from all sides all the time. If you do, then you can keep the humidifier off. But, in general, it is always good to keep the humidifier going. It will keep your house and rooms dry and moisture free throughout the day and night.

4. Small gaps are acceptable

Well, NO! There is no way that a room should have even the slightest gaps when the insulator is installed. A professional would always warn you about the negative effects of gaps between insulation boards on walls. So, be careful about those negligible gaps that you think will not be a big deal after the installation is done.

5. Wall insulation is optional sometimes

Would you like to feel warm at times and very chilly during winter? If the answer is no, then you should keep the insulation on throughout. Do not worry about your energy bills because these are excellent energy savers. Wall insulation is crucial during winter and it is never an option. Rather it is a compulsory thing.

6. Vapor barriers are important

Not necessarily. If you have got good insulation done to your walls and the room is protected, there is no need for vapor barriers. Old and dilapidated houses may need vapor barriers, but not the ones that have got insulators installed recently.
Different people will have different advice for wall insulation and insulators. It will be best to verify all the information that you get from the experts because many of them may not be good enough and can be misleading. So, always take professional advice and get the insulation job done with their help to avoid all kinds of confusions and hassles during the process.

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