The Ultimate Cheat Sheet on Insulation

The Ultimate Cheat Sheet on InsulationLiving in intense cold climatic conditions can be very tough and sometimes people have to invest quite a bit on different types of gadgets to keep themselves warm and comfortable. However, all of the unnecessary expenditure can be taken out of the picture with the help of insulation. The good part is that if you are a little clever you can insulate your entire house for very cheap without spending too much on the costly materials and here is how you can do it. Go through this ultimate cheat sheet on insulation in detail:

Make sure that the doors are sealed properly

Sealing doors can cost you a minimal amount of $10 dollars if you know how to manage your money. Doors that are not sealed properly can let the heat escape and also let the cold inside making the life of the residents quite uncomfortable. You can deal with this by installing a draft eliminator; this is basically a tube that you attach to the bottom of a door to prevent the warm air from going out. You can find this tube at any store that deals with hardware; these are found in different designs, sizes and shapes.

Employing caulk near the windows

Just because your windows are shut don’t think that they don’t pass air. It is a false notion that you should avoid. Windows when first built are sealed tightly to add insulation but you have to remember that the seal gives away with time and so the insulation becomes weak and you have to compromise with comfort. So when this happens you should use your caulk gun and seal the windows. This technique will cost you close to $20 which is not too much. You can even watch video tutorials on how to use a caulk gun for this purpose.

Window panes need to be insulated well

As the glass on the window gets older it lets air in and out thus causing loss of heat from within the house. To stop this from happening you can use insulation film and attach them to the window glasses. It is not hard to locate these films as they are readily available in reliable online stores dealing with insulation materials and equipment. This particular procedure will cost only about $25 provided it is for a standard house.

Insulating the hot water tank

If you are able to add sufficient insulation to the tank containing hot water you can make substantial savings on the energy bills during the winter months. One can carry out the process of insulation by using a special blanket that is available in any online store dealing in insulation materials. The whole thing should cost you roughly $25 and this is a highly cheap insulation hack indeed.
So, these are some of the quickest and cheapest methods of adding insulation to your house during the winter months. If you want the insulation to be a little stronger then you have to hire professionals to do the job.

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