5 Things You Must Know about Insulation

5 Things You Must Know about Insulation

We live in the aunderfloor-insulationge of internet and technology and we can learn almost anything easily, thanks to the video tutorials. Be it any creative ‘do it yourself’ stuff or technical troubleshooting, learning anything is quite easy these days. You can also learn the entire process of insulation step by step if you follow the video lessons. However, that is not enough as there are quite a few things that you should know before you even proceed to start the process. Insulating an office or a home might seem to be easy but practically it is quite difficult and a lot of factors need to be taken into consideration. Wondering how to know about those minute details and important things? To help you out, here are five of the most important aspects about insulation that you must know before venturing into it:

Too much insulation is bad

You have to understand that insulation controls the temperature by retaining air within the house and not permitting it to escape outside.  If insulation is overdone, the amount of air that can be retained drastically drops and the insulation will not serve its purpose properly. Instead of doing any good, over insulation will spoil the entire process.

Paying special attention to the gaps

The whole purpose of insulation is to keep the moisture away from home but while insulating if any gap remains, it will draw huge amount of moisture inside. This will definitely hamper the proper functioning of the insulation material and prevent it to work in a way it is supposed       to. As such instead of doing it yourself it is better to hire a professional to do the task with perfection.

Taking care of fire hazards is a must

This is one very important thing you have to keep in mind during the installation process. If you mess up with the process, it might result in fire hazards which can in turn cause serious damage to your home and valuables. While insulating take care that the wires shouldn’t get trapped as this can cause accidents. If your bills related to cooling and heating are very high, consider this as a sign that your insulation is not done properly.

Keep the vapor barrier

While conducting the process of insulation, if the backing which is attached to the fiberglass material is removed then this is a serious mistake. You should install it keeping the back facing the interior of the house as this will prevent any rot or mold from taking place in the house.

Selecting the appropriate insulation

You will have a lot of choices when it comes to choosing a particular type of insulation material. Spray foam, cellulose and fiberglass are some of the most popular options that are available in market. But selecting the right one as per your home’s construction and other aspects is very important. You should also know that different areas of your house could require different types of insulation. Thus, instead of making blind choices you should get professional advice in this regard.

Well, now that you know the basic and most important things about insulation, you can get the work done more perfectly without any glitches. Don’t forget to take professional assistance as this will make the process full-proof and you home will become your house will become a more comfortable place to live in.


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