5 Insulation Secrets You Never Knew

roof-insulation-melbourne-sydneyThere is no denying that good insulation will make sure that your house is very comfortable and it also reduces the cost of cooling or heating your house. A tight insulation will also help you save a lot of energy which means there will be less foot prints. But it all depends on a perfectly done insulation. If the process is not done well, you will be deprived of all these desired benefits. But there are some insulation secrets which will help you to get the desired results. Here are some of those secrets unfolded only for you that you and other people may not know:

Homes that are really old seldom require insulation

Homes that were built in the 1950’s or even earlier have walls that were at least six inches thick so there was at least a space of four inches where there is air space. This method of insulation was in use before the invention of foam and fiberglass insulation. In certain case,s you can implement insulation with expanded foam to cover the space and you can cover the insulation through patching painting.

Tweaking the space in the attic and roof

You have to understand that the insulation on the roof needs special attention as it can affect energy efficiency. A solution for insulating any unused attic space is to utilize insulation from recycled paper or shredded cellulose. This is usually blown in so that the insulation is even. This insulation is quite superior and it is cost effective too. However, there are other options which are environment-friendly so consult a professional.

Bringing shutters in to the picture

There is no doubt that certain insulation methods can add a touch of sophistication and class to the home. You can contemplate on using shutters, they are found in a wide variety and you can pick the ones that suit the architecture of your house. You can have customized shutters too; these are a perfect solution for insulation.

Making changes in the crawl places and basement

You cannot deny that most of us tend to neglect the basement area in our house, there is a high possibility that a lot of heat can pass through the floor area, modern houses usually have insulation but some of the older homes may not have insulation. Spraying a generous amount of expanding foam can help insulate the floor and you do not have to invest in gadgets that will help you cool or heat your house.

Install a proper vapor barrier

Last but not the least one that you should know is that a vapor barrier is very important since it helps to keep a check on the level of moisture present in the house. In other words, this barriers helps to prevent too much of moisture formation in the house. This is one aspect that is overlooked by many people.
So, these are some of the secrets that you didn’t know about insulation. The solution you decide to use will totally depend on the state the house is in. It is always better to seek professional advice to get the best insulation done keeping these above mentioned things under consideration.

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