5 Insulation Mistakes That Will Cost You $1m over the Next 10 Years

5 Insulation Mistakes That Will Cost You $1m over the Next 10 Years

5 Insulation Mistakes That Will Cost You $1m over the Next 10 YearsAn insulated house is always a boon for the entire family. It helps you throughout the year and the insulators can last for quite long. However, the installation of the insulators must be done carefully. It is best if you get
professional help to do the installation. DIY techniques have lots of flaws and you may end up installing it the wrong way. Here are some of the biggest insulation mistakes that can cost you almost $1m in the next 10 years. Go through these and know in detail:

  1. Starting with the cheaper option

After getting an estimate of how much the insulator will cost and the total installation charges, you have been taken aback. You never expected it to be so much. So, you are thinking of some cheaper alternative and that is exactly where you make one of the biggest mistakes. Insulating your house is a onetime affair. Go on and get the best type of insulator for the house because you would not want to compromise with your family.

  1. Over stuffing the insulation

This is a rooky mistake done by many people who are trying to install the insulator on their own. You might think the more packed up the insulation is, the better it is for your house. That is true, but not the way you think it is to be done. The worst part is, you may seem to be satisfied with your work, but 10 years down the line, your expenses for the insulator will go up to almost $1m.

  1. Focusing on the R-value

Yes, the R-value is important, but that is not the ultimate factor that should be considered while installing the insulator. Many people have the misconception that the R-value decides whether the insulator is good or bad. This can be a costly mistake in the next few years. Focus on the quality of the boards and the engine as well.

  1. Inadequate air sealing

Probably the biggest mistake that you could make while getting the insulator installed. This is a common mistake and can cost you million dollars. The best thing to do is getting proper air sealing in all the places where the insulation is being done. Hiring a professional is the wisest thing to do if you are not sure about the air sealing.

  1. Family’s safety comes first

Not everyone knows this, but it is absolutely necessary to keep your family away from the house when spray foam is used by the insulator contractor. The chemicals used are not good for the body. Your family is more than just a million dollars, right? So, send them somewhere else for at least 72 hours.

Now that you are aware of the mistakes that can cost you $1m in the next 10 years, you should be wise enough to contact a professional and get the insulation work done properly. A few more bucks than your pre-decided budget can help you to save millions in the long run.

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