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20 Myths about insulation and insulation Installers

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So, summer is coming and you have decided to get your entire house insulated. You have discussed about this thing with some of your friends and some of the responses you got from them have contradicted to your decision. Is this the case with you?
Well, there are numerous myths that revolve around insulators. You need to be wise and should ignore those false concepts. Here are some of the myths that you will often come across while talking about insulation. Have a look and get enlightened:

1. Cellulose insulation produces bad odor

The cellulose board that is used for insulation is treated with different chemicals. If you buy a good quality and guaranteed product, there will be no chance of any odor.

2. R-value is related to insulation thickness

R-value is basically the indicator to the resistance to heat flow. It has got nothing to do with the insulation thickness.

3. Insulators are used in winter

Insulators can keep you warm during winter and cool during summer. It can be used throughout the year and not just during winter.

4. Hard coated insulators affect the engine’s service

Insulators can last for more than 8 years at a stretch without affective the engine. It does not affect the engine in any way.

5. Cellulose insulation will burn

The cellulose material is completely fiberized and also infused with borate. There are no chances of burning unless there is a huge fire.

6. Spray-in foam insulators stop air leaks

These insulators hinder air movement, but they do not stop all the air leaks in your room.

7. Cellulose insulators stick to the walls

The density of cellulose is quite high. There is no way that they would stick to the walls after a few years.

insulation installers sydney,insulation installers melbourne8. Permanent insulators are expensive

The one-time cost of permanent insulators may seem to be more, but they are really cost effective over the years.

9. Major retrofit is needed for existing insulators

For the walls that already have insulators, you can just get spray-in foam for those walls. There is no need for major retrofit.

10. Permanent insulators are not worthy enough

Experts are of the opinion that permanent insulators are the best and most cost effective for homes.

11. Permanent insulators will break down

Permanent insulators are made in such a so that they can withstand for several years at a stretch.

12. Insulator matters, R-value does not

Both are equally important. R-value will determine resistance to the heat flow. Higher the R-value, better the insulation will be.

13. Insulators should be installed while building the house

Insulators can be installed any time and in any house. The type of insulator may be different, but it can be installed after a house is built.

14. Insulators only save energy

In addition to saving energy, insulators are excellent in sound proofing the building as well.

15. The engine is too complicated for hard coat insulation

Insulator designers have the ability to develop an insulator that fits with the engine that you have.

16. Foam gaskets are important to reduce air leakage

The exterior wall outlets are responsible for air leakage. Foam gaskets do not have anything to do with reducing air leakages.

17. Insulators will prevent warm air from reaching the attic

There is no connection between insulators and warm air going into the attic. If it is happening, then there is a leak somewhere that needs to be attended quickly.

18. Foam insulations are better than cellulose insulation

Different insulators work best for different houses. The expert professionals will be the best judge to decide. There is nothing as such that cellulose is better than foam insulators or vice versa.

19. Soy based foams are green

Soy based foam insulators have soy additives and they are not green at all. Just because it has the word “soy” in it does not mean it is green.

20. There has to be vapor barriers installed

Insulators are enough to keep you warm. You need not install vapor barriers separately while doing insulation.
Now that you are aware of the myths surrounding insulators, you should have no dilemma in getting insulator installed in your house. Instead of taking suggestion from others talk to the experts and professionals and see which type of insulator would best fit your house.

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